Xiaomi battery test code


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Xiaomi battery test code


Description of battery test code abbreviations

MB_00: current battery capacity (the amount of charge your battery currently has)

MB_01: Battery charging status (whether the battery is currently charging or not)

MB_02: Type of charging (when you connect the charger, it will be clear that the charging mode is fast, normal, etc. This is how you can test the support of the charger and the Fast Charge cable.

MB_03: Battery voltage (it shows you the current status of the battery. For example, if it says 4085574, it means 4.08 volts.)

MB_04: battery current (for example, if it is 383591, it means 0.38 amps)

MB_05: Battery temperature (for example, if it is 365, it means 36.5 degrees Celsius). Note: When you feel that your phone is hot, check this item. Temperatures above 45 degrees will damage the battery, and temperatures above 42 degrees are harmful to the battery.

MB_06: Battery status and health (for example, Excellent, Good, Great, etc.)

MB_07: Charger chip temperature (for example, 359 means 35.9 degrees Celsius)

MB_08: current temperature controller (this item is usually calculated when the device is not charging or turned off and usually shows 0 in real time)

MB_09: Maximum full charge current (maximum battery output voltage when it is 100% charged.

Meaning of MU_00

MU_00: type of charger (what type of charger is connected to the phone; for example, adapter or computer USB)

MU_01: related to fast charging and type C (when the fast charging is connected, it determines what the voltage is. For example, 5-9-12, which are the three QC 3.0 fast charging standards, and you can find out what the charging speed is.)

MU_02: The capacity of the input device of the charger (for example, charging with USB or another phone "Reverse charge technology" if it is written type 1 with a charger or power bank, if it is written type 2, reverse charging, for example, charging with another phone and OTG)

MU_03: Maximum USB voltage you connected to the phone (maximum voltage with USB)

MU_04: Current USB status (momentary current in USB)

What is meant by MP_XX

MP_00: specifying the charger connection (plug charger or not)

MP_01: Determining the status of the device according to the charger (how many volts the device receives from the charger)

MP_02: Maximum charge capacity in one period (how many volts are received in a 100% charge period)

MP_03: Status of the charger (the health of the charger with which you charge the device. It depends on the fluctuations and the cable can also be effective. Fake chargers can also be identified in this section.)

MP_04: The maximum current of the charger (the maximum current that the charger delivered to the device as an input during a charging period. It is also used to determine the quality of the charger)

Meaning of MF_XX

MF_00: battery resistance (the resistance on the battery)

MF_01: The actual received capacity of the battery from the charge sensor (usually when you update the phone, the actual capacity and the capacity calculated by the phone may get confused, and if this value is different from MB_00, it is better to factory reset the phone, and if it still does not work, it is better to consult an expert Refer to the software to solve your problem.)

MF_02: Battery charge cycle (shows how many times the phone has been charged from 0 to 100).

MF_03: Calculation of battery resistance (battery resistance on the phone's motherboard)

MF_05: real capacity (the capacity that is checked after factory reset)

MF_06: nominal capacity (battery capacity declared by the manufacturer)

Like MM_XX

MM_00: AICL results (input current limit corresponding to device performance)

MM_01: USB input stream

MM_02: Maximum charging voltage from the main charger

MM_03: The maximum current of full battery charge
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