Smart-Clip2 Software v.1.45.04


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Smart-Clip2 Software v.1.45.04
MTK MOTO & Lenovo Update
1. Released Remove FRP for the following new Moto and Lenovo devices:
• Moto E6 Plus (XT2025)
Moto E6 Plus XT2025-1
Moto E6s XT2025-2
Motorola PokerP
• Moto E6s (XT2053)
• Moto E6s 2020 XT2053-1
• Moto E6s 2020 XT2053-2
• Moto E6s 2020 XT2053-4
• Motorola Fiji
• Moto E7 (XT2095)
• Moto E7 2020 XT2095-1
• Moto E7 2020 XT2095-2
• Moto E7 2020 XT2095-3
• Motorola Malta
• Moto E7 Power (XT2097)
• Moto E7 Power 2021 XT2097-5
• Moto E7 Power 2021 XT2097-6
• Moto E7 Power 2021 XT2097-7
• Motorola Malta Lite
• Moto Edge 20 Lite (XT2139)
• Moto Edge 20 Lite XT2139-1
• Moto Edge 20 Fusion XT2139-2
• Motorola Kyoto
• Moto G Pure (XT2163)
• Moto G Pure 2021 XT2163-1
• Moto G Pure 2021 XT2163-2
• Moto G Pure 2021 XT2163-2PP
• Moto G Pure 2021 XT2163-4
• Moto G Pure 2021 XT2163-6
• Moto G Pure 2021 XT2163-7
• Moto G Pure 2021 XT2163DL
• Motorola Ellis
• Moto G50 5G (XT2149)
• Moto G50 5G 2021 XT2149-1
• Motorola Saipan
• Moto G60S (XT2133)
• Moto G60s 2021 XT2133-1
• Moto G60s 2021 XT2133-2
• Motorola Lisbon
• Moto G70
• Moto G8 Play (XT2015)
• Moto G8 Play XT2015-2
• Motorola Lima
• Moto G8 Power Lite (XT2055)
• G8 Power Lite XT2055-1
• G8 Power Lite XT2055-2
• G8 Power Lite XT2055-4
• Motorola Blackjack
• Moto One Macro (XT2016)
• Moto One Macro XT2016-1
• Moto One Macro XT2016-2
• Motorola Lima
• Lenovo K10 2019 XT2025-3
• Lenovo K11 2020 XT2053-3
• Lenovo K12 2020 XT2095-4
• Lenovo K11 Power XT2055-3
2. Released Read codes, Direct unlock, IMEI repair, Remove FRP for:
• Moto G22 (XT2231)
Service manual and required drivers are here.
Qcom EDL Autodetect feature was greatly improved and servicing became more effective!
• This feature automatically detects phone model, downloads the correct loader and sends it to the phone
• It supports a wide range of brands and hundreds of models on the market: Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi,
Lenovo, ZTE, Huawei, and other brands
• Potentially supported thousands of QCOM devices
• No need to search and select the model from the list
• Sigma database is fully packed with hundreds of loaders and the list is being prepared for a BIG update
How to use: Select "EDL -> Autodetect" in the drop-down list on the right. Full manual is here.
Optimized installer size using downloadable addons:
• The size of installer is reduced by 50%
• If necessary, Sigma will download all the files necessary for a particular service operation

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