Department of Telecom Requests TRAI's Opinions on WhatsApp Call Regulation: Report

There are suggestions that the availability of free calls on services like WhatsApp, Signal, Google Meet, and Telegram may be limited. The Telecom Regulatory Authority was consulted on this issue by the Department of Telecom. Given that the telecom firms are losing money as a result of the internet calling service, there has long been a desire for "same rate for the same service." The telecom industry is requesting that license costs and other rules that mirror their own be extended to these businesses.
Regarding recent advancements in technology, the Department of Telecom has requested the TRAI's view. The telecom department had not put into practice the set amount (interconnection charge) that TRAI had proposed charging for internet calling in 2008. In 2016–17, the telecom industry boosted this demand once more. In several nations, internet phoning is prohibited.


Prior recommendations from TRAI to charge for internet calls were rejected by the DOT. OTT services do not need to be regulated, according to the Department of Telecom. But according to a telecom department official, the telecom department has now asked TRAI for a thorough justification of over-the-top apps.

The same service is run by telecom companies as well as messaging and calling apps like WhatsApp. However, there are two rules that apply to both services in the nation. The government is being urged to combine this by telecom companies. It is thought that the federal government is currently taking action to address this issue.

However, the government hasn't formally stated that it intends to regulate OTT service providers. Notably, telecom companies have been pressuring TRAI for years to control OTT services in the nation. The implementation of licensing costs for these services and the enforcement of service quality monitoring should be governed by national laws, according to telecom corporations.

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