eMMC|Isp Module (Nobody Edition) •Huawei|Honor|Xiaomi New Generation | Frp | Downgrade and More... [UPD: January 21, 2024]


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What´s New!
Now the official price is 29.90USD for all users... and remember DTPRO It is an annual product...
Now you can request up to 12 computer changes (HardwareID) per year

What´s New!
Added Compatibility and functionality with more than 80% of ISP adapters on the Market
Added Support for Signed Adapters
Added Support for Generic Adapters 2.0 and 3.0
•You can remove the [FRP] Lock on the Huawei Mediatek | New generation
•You can remove [FRP] Lock on Honor Mediatek | New generation

Honor X7A | RKY-LX01 | RKY-L21 | RKY-LX02 | RKY-LX03 | RKY-L23 | RKY-L000 | RKY-BD00
HONOR X6 - X6s | VNE-L02 | VNE-LX2 | VNE-LX3 | VNE-L03
Honor X8A | CRT-LX1 | CRT-LX2 | CRT-LX3 | CRT-L03 | CRT-L23 | CRT-L22 | CRT-BD00
Honor X5 | VNA-LX1 | VNA-LX2 | VNA-LX3 | VNA-L03 | VNA-L23 | VNA-L22 | VNA-AL00
Huawei Nova 10Z | CHW-LX1 |
Huawei Nova Y90A | CHW-LX2 |

Redmi 13C (Gale)
Pocophone poco C65 (Gales)
Redmi 7 (Onclite)
Mi Y3 (Onclite)

•Other Brands such as Oppo, Realme, Samsung, Nokia, Zte, LG are Supported

Note :
•You can rebrand now on these Models!
•New Security Patches November 2023 | Supported

•Read Device Info
•Factory Reset Protection [FRP] Remove
•Wipe Ultra [FRP + Factory reset]
•Wipe Screen locks
•Wipe [Format User]
•Get pattern lock
•Relock Device

Added partition manager

Added Qualcomm Flasher
•Xml Format

Supported Brands
Huawei | Honor | LG | Motorola | Nokia | Oppo | Realme | Samsung | Vivo | Xiaomi | ZTE | HTC

Activation are already available for purchase. Ask your local dealers!
Download DTpro Tool New Version!
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