HARMONYOSHarmonyOS 4 (EMUI 14) to highlight AI features

HarmonyOS 4 will launch around the fall of this year and this version could pack numerous AI-powered features. Since EMUI is following HarmonyOS, we are likely to see these changes from HarmonyOS 4 eventually making their way with EMUI 14.

The tech industry is going through a significant overhaul using A.I. technologies. The recent revelation on HarmonyOS 4 proves that Huawei is also pursuing the same goal

The HarmonyOS 4 features for smart cars are using AI for best output. These will lead to comfort in operations as well as in the security of the car models. Since autonomous is also based on AI and machine learning technologies, HarmonyOS 4 will bring capabilities to support onboard hardware.
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