Download TFM Tool Pro MTK V1.3.33 (Latest Update)


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Officially Supported CPU List :

  1. MT6735
  2. MT6739
  3. MT6757
  4. MT6761
  5. MT6763
  6. MT6765
  7. MT6768
  8. MT6781
  9. MT6785
  10. MT6833
  11. MT6877
  12. MT6893

Officially Supported Models :

  1. Infinix X671-AUTH
  2. Infinix X6812-AUTH
  3. Infinix X650C-AUTH
  4. Tecno KH6 Spark 9T (Auth)
  5. Tecno KF8 Auth)
  6. Tecno KG5J Spark 8C (Auth)
  7. Tecno BD4i Pop 5 LTE Auth
  8. Infinix X689F Hot 11 (Auth)
  9. Infinix X688C Hot 10 Play (Auth)
  10. Infinix X683 Note 8i (Auth)
  11. Infinix X663 Note 12 (Auth)
  12. Infinix X663B Note 11 NFC (Auth)
  13. Infinix X689C Hot 10T (Auth)
  14. Infinix X689D Hot 10s NFC (Auth)
  15. Infinix X689 Hot 10s (Auth)
  16. Infinix X659B Hot 10i (Auth)
  17. Infinix X682C Hot 10 (Auth)
  18. Infinix X682B Hot 10 (Auth)
  19. Infinix X6817 Hot 12 (Auth)
  20. Infinix X6823C Smart 6 Plus (Auth)
  21. Infinix X610B Note 6 ( Auth )
  22. Infinix X660C S5 Pro (Auth)
  23. Infinix X6812B Hot 11S (Auth)
  24. Tecno KE5 Spark Go 2020 (Auth)
  25. Tecno Spark 4 KC2J (Auth)
  26. Tecno KG6P Spark 8T (Auth)
  27. Tecno BF7N Spark Go 2023 (Auth)
  28. Tecno BF7 Pop 7 Pro (Auth)
  29. Infinix X665E-Hot-20i (Auth)

What's New :

  1. New Feature: Auth Support for Itel, Tecno, Infinix - You can now flash firmware files,Reset FRP,Factory Reset,Privacy Lock Remove and more on MTK devices that require authentication. (auth for Itel, Tecno, and Infinix devices.)
  2. New Feature : USB Detection Option - We have added a new option for USB detection to make it easier to connect your device to the computer.
  3. GUI Improvement: Auth GUI - The GUI for auth has been improved to make it more user-friendly and intuitive.
  4. Checksum Moved to Left Sidebar - The checksum option has been moved to the left sidebar for easier access.
  5. Improved Partition Manager - The Partition Manager has been improved for better performance and stability.
  6. Improved Read Operation of Partition Manager - We have made improvements to the read operation of Partition Manager to make it more reliable and efficient.
  7. Added Critical Icon for Invalid Driver Detection - An icon has been added to alert users when an invalid driver is detected.
  8. Improved Protocol - We have made improvements to the protocol to make the flashing process faster and more stable.
  9. Fixed Checking Cert Validation Crash Issues - We have fixed issues related to cert validation crashes.
  10. Fixed Factory Reset with FRP Lock Crash Issue - We have fixed issues related to factory reset crashes with FRP lock.
  11. Fixed Partition Manager Crash Issue in Read File - We have fixed issues related to Partition Manager crashes during read file operations.
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