Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 #CM2MT2 v2.40


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Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 #CM2MT2 v2.40


FireFly : Protocol updated
FireFly : Activated new operations
1. Firmware Read
2. Firmware Write
3. MemoryTool : EXTCSD Read
4. MemoryTool : EXTCSD Write

Smart Reset updated: New types supported
Smart Reset updated: Android 13 specific changes

Firmware reader:
Firmware Read activated in FireFly mode
Android 13 support improved [under test]

Firmware flasher:
Flasher Engine updated : [LUCI], [RAPH] and [LEGACY] protocols updated
Firmware Flashing activated in FireFly mode

Identify : Now read active system info if device belong to AB
BootLoader: Unlock/Lock revised in FireFly and MTK mode

New Operation : EXTCSD read - Allow read EXTCSD config from eMMC. Made default at boot also
New Operation : EXTCSD write - Allow write EXTCSD config in eMMC
Both operations supported only in FireFly mode for now!

The Rest:
Loaders updated
Previous versions of loaders partially moved to CM2MT2 boot-pack
CM2MT2 boot-pack v2.40 or newer should be installed to get latest loaders
Log output management updated
BugFixes and minor updates

Dongle firmware version required: 0154

Infinity #CM2MT2 boot-pack v2.40 with updated loaders

Loaders & structure updated

[+] Condor
[+] Dlight
[+] Xiaomi/Redmi-9c/ linked to base-2112 + preloader file from /Redmi-9/
[+] Xiaomi/Redmi-9a/ updated with preloader file from /Redmi-9/
[+] legacy loaders moved to /0_rare/
[+] /0_base/v17xx/ moved to boot-pack
[+] /0_base/v18xx/ moved to boot-pack
[+] /0_base/v19xx/ moved to boot-pack
[+] /0_base/v20xx/ moved to boot-pack

CM2MT2 v2.39 and higher should be used with the next loaders:
[+] Infinix/Infinix-G99-General/
[+] Infinix/Dimensity-9000/
[+] Infinix/X676B/
[+] Tecno/Tecno-G99-General/
[+] Tecno/Dimensity-9000/
[+] Tecno/Phantom-X2-X2Pro/
[+] /0_generic/ loaders for latest MT6781/MT6789/MT6983 are inside sw installer

The latest boot-pack release has all previous boot-packs included, which means you should only install the latest one to get all loaders

Infinity #CM2SP2 Diag Helper tool v1.04

Use it in case of DIAG/SVC mode failure with the latest SPD devices.
Wipe, User Data and Security Code Reset: several types of devices handling improved
The dongle is not required, just run and use it for free

Download link #1
Download link #2
Download link #3
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