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  1. AKHIL

    Sesame Ball we call Ellunda

    Sweet sesame balls are a popular sweet in India. It is a delicious and nutritious sweet at the same time. Sesame is a powerhouse of organic minerals, especially calcium. It is very good for skin internally and topically. Types of sesame ball 1. Sesame Ball - Ellunda (White) 2. Sesame Ball -...
  2. AKHIL

    It's Falafel or Parippu Vada

    Which one is better? I think Dal Vada more tastier than falafel
  3. AKHIL

    It's Falafel or Parippu Vada

    Falafel is eaten throughout the Middle East and is a common street food . usually made from ground chickpeas, though some variants contain broad beans or fava beans . But it has a similar taste of Parippu Vada . Eat Mantra #FalafelWrap #ParippuVada
  4. AKHIL

    Chopsuey Story

    The American Chopsuey is sweet and sour in taste with a bright orangish-red in color. It is like a one-pot macaroni pasta meal cooked with beef, and vegetables in a sweet tomato sauce. Video " Chinese migrants settled in America gave birth to this fusion of...
  5. AKHIL

    Sajeeshettante Chaya Kada

    Sajeeshettante chayakkada one of the best places with various types of tea and coffee . If you want to try out varieties of tea it's a must visit place for you . Super ambiance with nice artwork . A small library is here , we can take out books to read but we have to keep another book . Here...